FISE Chengdu: Rider Lineup

15 Riders from 6 different nations are travelling across the world to drop in at FISE Chengdu, China for the final FMB World Tour Event of the 2017 season. We are excited to watch these big names and check out what they have in store for us, as we know they'll push their limits to impress the judges during the grand finale. The French riders are dominating the rider line up, but do they have what it takes to get onto the podium?  

Make sure you free up your diary and tune into the live webcasts:

Semi-Finals: November 4th at 4.45pm CST / 10.45am CEST / 04.45am EDT / 01.45am PDT

Finals: November 5th at 4.40pm CST / 10.40am CEST / 04.40am EDT / 01.30am PDT