Leopallooza Music festival in Cornwall UK played host to the Jack Gear Invitational last weekend, the only FMB World Tour event in the UK.



The top riders from around the UK showed up to a very wet and windy course, which finally managed to dry up and ride really nicely for the finals on Sunday.



Riders were taking it easy as the conditions made it difficult and dangerous to throw down the big tricks, but as soon as the crowd showed up and the comp started they were amped up and pulled some bangers out the bag. 



Tom Cardy was first to trick the drop with a perfect 360, unfortunately his crash after a flipwhip ruled out of a solid result.  Freddy Pulman was also looking good in practice but failed to complete a perfect run which meant he also didn't finish as high as he hoped!



Ray Samson took 3rd place with a huge backflip no hander, backflip up the step up and a super clean flipwhip. 



Daryl Brown took 2nd with run including a 360 double barspin up the step up and a backflip barspin to finish. 



Last year's winner Sam Reynolds came back to hang on to his title with a massive 360 off the first drop, and a big flipwhip to finish! 



Freddy Pulman took the best trick title with a backflip double barspin.  All in all, a brilliant contest in some pretty crazy conditions.