Debut's flooded the horizon last weekend at Swatch Prime Line Munich. First of all, the Gold event made its first appearance on the FMB World tour 2014 event calendar. Secondly,  thousands of fans turned up to witness the first, highly anticpated full loop featured in a mountain bike contest. The last but far from least was the suprising but welcoming victory of Louis Reboul who until now has not won a FMB contest. 


Standing on top of the jump before the loop, the riders eyed up the full loop standing between them and the roaring crowd below.



It seems fitting that Louis Reboul was the first rider to hit the full loop. After his run, the athletes lined up to give it a try. Little did we know that Louis would later loop his way onto the top spot at the Swatch Prime Line podium.



After a stylish flatspin on the stepdown, Louis revealed his bangers. His huge flip whip set him up perfectly for the last jump where he stuck a brand new combo - cannonball to tuck nohand to seal the win.


SamPilgrim_Flare_by_RichKPhotoSam Pilgrim is renowned for his street like riding style. Despite opting to not ride the full loop he used its full potential to nail this awesome flair.  His run earned him a solid second place on the podium.



The biggest suprise of the weekend came from the young French rider Tomas Lemoine. This young gun not only rocked zebra skinny jeans but left some big names behind him to land in third place. 



Thomas Genon has been dominating the 2014 season and despite an impressive run he was only able to secure 4th place. A testimant to the level of riding at Swatch Prime Line Munich. The Belgian rider did however manage to bag the Best Trick award with a super technical 360 barspin to tailwhip.