Plenty of Stoke on the FMB World Tour

Plenty of FMB World Tour Event action went down last weekend! Both Pro Freeestyle in the Netherlands and Bring It On "Next Level" in Germany had a number of great FMB athletes sending it. Check out these photos and edits from last weekend.

Bring It On "Next Level"

This German FMB World Tour Event took place at Bike Base Herborn in the heart of the country. Last year's FMB AM Cup winner from Europe, Erik Fedko (GER), was able to secure the win ahead of Maximilian Mey (GER) and Lukas Schäfer (GER). Check out these shots from what looks like a pretty sick contest (photos by Nico Gilles).

Pro Freestyle MTB FMB contest

14 athletes sent it in Heeren and no one could get past the French athletes, who took the first three ranks. 24-year-old Remy Carra was able to get his first win of the season! Check out the full results here.